Be Grateful

March 6, 2015

By: Gretta Thomas



Today is a great day, as every day is really a great day. Each day that I am able to look over at my handsome husband, place both feet on the ground and use my lips to give God some praise, it's a great day. I spend a lot of time talking with people who could be complaining because of hunger or homelessness, but they choose to give God thanks anyway. It makes you wonder what I ever have to complain about. I have learned that it is all about perspective.


You may have a job that you are not particularly thrilled with, but instead of saying "Darn, I have to go to work today", choose to say, "

I get to go to work today", It will totally change how you view that job. It will change the level of service that you give and how you connect with the people on the job. It is all about being Grateful.  When you are grateful, you view things from a different mindset. Studies show that grateful people are happier and healthier.  Believe me, regardless of your circumstances, there is someone else who would love to be in your shoes.


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