Due to decreased funding, our transitional housing program has been temporarily discontinued


Housing Requirements

To be considered for shelter and supportive services,  the following minimum requirements  must be met.  All applicants must  thoroughly complete an application and bring into the office or mail it to the attention of the Cords of Life Intake  Coordinator.

Once the application has been received, reviewed and verified,
the applicant will  receive a call to arrange a time and date to
meet with the Intake  Coordinator. 

  • Family must be headed by a single mother with no more
  • than 3 children.  
  • All children must be over the age of two
  • The family must be literally homeless, facing an imminent risk of homelessness, or homeless as defined under other federal statutes, with no resources  available for housing. 
  • Mother must be employed and willing to abide by the house rules.
  • Mother must be willing  to participate in group programs.
  • Children must be enrolled and attending school during  the school year.
  • Under aged children must be in childcare services.

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