Cords of Life Inc. was founded by Gretta C. Thomas.  Gretta was born  in Atlanta, GA.  She completed her undergraduate studies at Clark College where she received a  Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics.  After working for many years in corporate America, she went on to complete her Master's Degree with a concentration in Project Management.  Gretta left corporate America to pursue a career in Real Estate.  After several years and many accomplishments she decided to open her own real estate brokerage.   
Realizing how blessed she has been, Gretta wanted to do more in the community to help the less fortunate.  She assembled a small group of friends that shared her passion and enthusiasm. They visited areas of Metropolitan Atlanta where the homeless would congregate.  The group would provide food, clothing, blankets, toiletries,  and inspiration.  They noticed how people would react when they took the time to really talk to them and listen to their stories.  Many times they  just really needed someone to listen and believe in them.  Their situations were diverse and required more than food and clothing.  Recognizing that more needed to be done to truly impact their circumstances, Gretta began looking for other ways to help, beyond just tending to their basic needs.  She researched ways to expand her reach and influence their lives  in a more meaningful way.  Gretta wanted to help families in in under-served communities reach their highest potential.  She truly believed  that people could be motivated to reach higher if they could get beyond being hungry and homeless.  After a great deal of  prayer, she shared her vision to expand with the team and Cords of Life was birthed.


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